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Open Book

Mission in Action

Save Our Schools for Our Kids’ Mission is to “Become A Kindling Flame of Education for ALL Children!” We realize our mission by:

  • Consistently providing the best educational, financial, and social tools for a child to freely learn without deterrence or deficits.

  • Applying the “All children are geniuses’ model,” the first objective provides a multi-intelligent vertical learning approach to teaching that builds confidence in the student’s endless capacity to know and learn towards enhanced student performance and maximized academic achievement.

  • By engaging in rigorous contextualized teaching of financial literacy, planning, and wealth-building, students will experience a diverse family of instructional approaches by connecting foundational skills to occupational application for concrete learning. 

  • Elevating social and academic student outcomes raised self-awareness and esteem.

"We believe all children can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world".

Our Mission
Image by Jon Sailer

Who We Are

Founded in 2018 by Donald L. Greene, Jr., in New Haven, Connecticut, Save Our Schools for Our Kids (SOS4OK) is a 501c3 Non-profit organization whose mission is to provide financial and in-kind resources to public schools specifically directed at improving access to quality and inclusive student education. SOS4OK believes the public school system needs to be an inclusive educational eco-system that is focused, free, pluralized and meets the learning modality of each student for social and academic achievement.

Image by Markus Leo

What We Do

We motivate children and youth to discover, acquire & actualize ALL the intellectual, practical, and experiential tools so that they have the power to lead a self-sufficient, successful & sustainable life for themselves, their family, and their community on their terms without financial debt.


What Makes Us Different?

Youth receive advanced exposure before they begin to be ready for a college/university, vocation or business life. We track outcomes with data collection on our programs to analyze and measure success.


We look at organizations, schools and individuals with experiences, case studies or demonstrated programs that work. We are giving opportunities for youths in their schools and neighborhood to search, find and embrace their greatest potential as strategic thinkers who know what to do to be great.

We are entrepreneurial in your thinking. We partner with you as and work with youth to grow and develop themselves to command their own lives and power as productive citizens in society.


We Need Your Support Today!

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