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Save Our Schools Leadership

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Donald L. Green, Jr., Founder

Donald L. Green, Jr. is the Founder of Save Our Schools for Our Kids (SOS4OK). This 501c3 non-profit organization aims to provide student-centric programmatic, financial, and in-kind educational resource supplements for teachers/educators to improve access to quality and inclusive student education. SOS4OK believes in a diverse and inclusive educational ecosystem that is focused on meeting the learning modality of each student for social and academic achievement.

Green is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in communicating social and media market branding messaging for public, private, corporate, government, and non-profit concerns.

He is the owner of Famiglia D’Oro Productions. The company is a multi-media service, entertainment, and professional training company. He creates expert marketing strategies, messaging, and campaigns for entertainers, artists, and business owners in professional and entertainment genres and sectors. They produce winning social marketing campaigns, event production management, voice-over, commercials, and storytelling through photography and videography. Green is an FAA-certified Drone Pilot.

He founded Famiglia D'Oro TV, the world’s first independent economic development digital and live-streaming platform. Hosted on Amazon Fire, ROKU, Apple TV, iOS, Android, Samsung TV, and LG TV, Famiglia D’Oro TV has access to more than 300 million subscribers and is on 350 social media platforms.

He is also the owner of Loyaltie Beyond Da Moves residential and commercial moving company, and V-R.A.E.3 and its division of V-R.A.E.3 Health.

Yvonne Renee Davis, MS, MA, PC,

Yvonne Renée is the President of Save Our Schools for Our Kids and leads spokesperson for the organization.

She is an internationally recognized public affairs, media, crisis strategist, leadership development trainer, professional speaker, and award-winning journalist and foreign policy news analyst.

For 30 years, she led initiatives impacting social and political change for thousands worldwide. Davis has worked in 64 countries, honing her expertise globally, economic, and socio-political issues in the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean, Central and South Asia, Asia, the Balkans, and Eastern Europe.

From 2001 – to the present, Davis promoted Public Diplomacy for the U.S. Department of State as a guest Lecturer, Trainer, and speaker. She has worked for the Presidential Administration of George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump (during COVID).

She was a Commissioner for the Permanent Commission for the Status of Women. She was an appointee of President George W. Bush. She worked with the Bush-43 White House on Africa Trade Aid, Minority and Women Business, & and Education. She led the first Bush-43 White House Briefing on Caribbean Affairs.

Ms. Davis is a foreign policy analyst. She was a columnist for the Huffington Post and The Daily Signal. She was featured on the BBC, Voice of America Persia, and Sirius XM Radio in the Hartford Business Journal, Hartford Courant, Jerusalem Post, Uzbekistan Times, and New York Times.

She was a Pre-doctoral fellow at the University of Connecticut and studied the Mastery of Leadership & Change in Belgium, where she did her residency. She studied Italian at Sorrento Lingua in Italy, Arabic, and French. In 2019, she was the University of Hartford’s Alumni of the Year award from the College of Arts and Sciences, and the President hailed her as the most experienced alum in International Relations. Ms. Davis is an au fait traveler and passionate about intellectual discourse and pursuits.

She serves on the Executive Board of the Connecticut World Affairs Council and the 224.  Her love of Community started with the Caribbean community in Hartford in 1989.

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