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Save Our Schools 4 Our Kids, the Curtis and Sheila Robinson Foundation & Carelon Behavioral Health Cared for Needy Families at Thanksgiving

“Thank you so very much for supplying our families’ meals this Thanksgiving holiday, said Ken Mysogland, Chief Administrator of External Affairs for the Connecticut Department of Children and Families Central Office. “Our work is complex and especially over the past year, we have seen the significant needs of our families, the trauma our children across Connecticut experience, and the stress within our country and the world. It takes the collective efforts of all of us - starting with a small gesture - to aid in the healing process.”


Some of the families included a mom who was in DCF care and custody as a child. As an adult, she struggled with being a parent and was separated from her children. The family is now back together and as we know, continues to need support. When we reached to say we had food for her family, her response was, "OMG, I was praying for this."

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