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The World's First & Most Renowned Genius - IMHOTEP

Did you know the world’s first multi-Genius was an African man? Imhotep's name means “He who comes in peace.” He was a scientist, scribe, philosopher, astronomer mathematician, architect, historian, chief physician, magician, and second in command of Kemet (Egypt).

Imhotep lived in Kemet – Egypt and designed Kemet’s first pyramid. He established a reputation as a physician and healer, his adoration grew into a god whom he was worshipped for 3,000 years in Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

Imhotep, as a physician, described more than ninety anatomical terms and forty-eight injuries. In Memphis, Imhotep founded a school of medicine known as Asklepion that remained famous for two thousand years.

Imhotep was over "2,000 years before the Western Father of Medicine Hippocrates was even born". A medical document that he authored is still studied to this day by medical students around the globe. In the area of medicine therefore, Hippocrates, who was born around 460 B.C., is regarded as the “father of medicine”, whereas Imhotep, who was born around 2,700 B.C., was worshipped as the “God of medicine.”

Imhotep, who also performed surgery and dentistry, diagnosed and treated over 200 diseases related to the abdomen, bladder, rectum, eyes, skin, hair, nails, and tongue. He extracted medicine from plants and cured such diseases as spinal tuberculosis, gallstones, appendicitis, gout, mastoid diseases, rheumatoid, and arthritis.

Imhotep and the native Black Egyptians were skilled at detecting diseases by observing the shape, color, or condition of the visible areas of the body.

They also possessed knowledge of the position and functions of the stomach, lungs, and other vital organs. Furthermore, Imhotep was familiar with the circulation of the blood system some 4,000 years before it was identified in Europe since Egyptian civilization had lasted for 6,000 years and would have allowed its greatest thinkers and scientists to effectively carry out major research to an advanced level in many areas.

After Egyptian civilization made its way into the Mediterranean and became the foundation of Greek culture, the teachings of Imhotep and his accomplishments in Egypt spread to Greece where they were also adopted.

Imhotep was introduced to the City of Memphis and embraced in the name of love as a son of Apollo, (the Greek God of the Sun), where he became the God of medicine to the Greeks.

Imhotep was worshipped by the Greeks and identified with their mythological god of medicine, Asklepios. The Greeks even erected a temple to honor him called Æsculapius (Imhotep's Greek god name) near the Serapeum at Memphis 2,500 years after his death.

Imhotep became so renowned that he was also honored by the Romans. (

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